Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nana and Papa's little Rock Stars

Shades and cool hoodies are a must for our Grands...they are Rock Stars in Training for sure...too funny.

Today is a ME day.  We started it with a soak in the hot tub with Bailey's in our coffee (thought of you, of course, Janet Miller).  I've put up a new post on my altered blog, sorted some laundry and did a bit of sorting of things for our upcoming cruise and visit with Clare in New Zealand. 

I am NOT doing anything I don't want to do today and one thing I want to do is get this work room sorted out.  I am teaching a cigar box class at Posh in early Feb (see altered blog) and I have a few half finished projects I want to play with for possible consignment sale.  I can't play with this mess in here so one thing leads to another...

Jo and I have an US day tomorrow and we are heading to Dunedin to walk the trail, have lunch and shop.  I want to start getting ready for the Cheeky Chics Crop that will be here before I know it and our friend, Pam Bennett is flying in from Wisconsin to visit and attend the crop with about ten or twelve of us along with our good friend, Janet Miller who is wintering as she and Bob always do at their home on Anna Maria.  So many good times ahead! 

So, off to sort, put away and then play!  Hope your day is wonderous.


Anonymous said...
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Pam said...

I soooooo cannot wait to see you, Janet, and Gene!!
(oh, and the grands, Kristen, Chris, Rob, Justin, Susie, Bob and all the 800 other people that I see when I visit you!)