Sunday, January 20, 2013

A day with my Joey!

Jo and I first met when we were entering our sophomore year in high school.  My parents were newly divorced and we had moved to U City, a suburb of St. Louis, from St. Charles.  It was culture shock to say the least.  St. Charles was laid back and still retained a lot of the 50s life style.  U City was urbane and the education system was so far beyond what I was use to that I am surprised I did not just drop out.  And there was always my dear friend, Jo.  She and I would go long periods of time after we graduated college without contact but the minute we picked up the phone we were right back hanging out under the street light on Tulane mid way between our two least figuratively.  She helped me survive my divorce, volunteered poor Bill, her hubby, for my repairs on my condo and has always been just a phone call away.  She planned out joint trip to the Med for us a couple of years ago and I can say I have never cruised with more fun people!

  Now she and Bill come to stay and play just a few miles away from us for two months (three next year if we can persuade Bill) every winter.  Here also we have our traditions...long walks straight to Hellas Bakery on the sponge docks, E's weekly dinners at our house, our shopping outings and she have even joined our book club here for 2 mo. a year.

Today was a typical outing for us.  We started around 10:30am, headed to Dunedin, shopped in every little fun store there and headed to lunch at Old Bay Cafe , a tiny fish house on the water whose bisques are to die for...seriously.  Next time I am just getting 2 orders of the mushroom and brie bisque and calling it done.

And today, Jo and I discovered where the best sangria in town is, red or white, at only 5.00 a pop.  We may just drink soup and sip sangrias next time we go here...oh, wait! that is the other way around, right?  (and a hint to the Women Who Do Lunch Bunch and have been known to favor the sangria)!

We shopped a bit more after lunch and then headed to the Sponge Docks for the arts and crafts fair there where we learned that Elvis is alive and well and in a red Caddy convertible on the docks in Tarpon Springs.

Our last stop was a funky shop at the end of the docks where I found the perfect hat for my trip to Australia and New Zealand.  Clare is very instant I have a hat that gives me coverage.  I think this one will fit the bill.  I am just a tad concerned about how to get it on the plane without being charged for an extra seat!

We've already set our next adventure.  Tomorrow we are field testing a new (since Dec) place down on the Sponge Docks, Anclote Brew.  Jo and I have an ulterior motive...we are going to reenact the many times on our trip through the Med where we parked the guys at a side walk table, ordered them a beer, and went shopping by ourselves.  lol   Will update with a review tomorrow.  Oh, and Jo and I will be celebrating our 51st. anniversary at the of July this coming summer. 


LyndaKay said...

Both you gals have great haircuts! Sounds like a perfect day in Paradise. Have fun tomorrow, too.

Pam said... is a red boa from CHA Orlando!
looks like you had fun. So odd, the 2 of you....having wine and shopping ;)