Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who is counting?

We leave for our almost month long trip in only 30 days but, as my title says, who is counting?  Ah, that would be me!  Our tickets are all booked, our hotel reservation made in Sydney for our two day early arrival there, our side trips with friends, with private companies and with the cruise boat tours are all booked too and we have each started filling our pre packing boxes that we will transfer to suitcases.

Because of my weight loss (and E has shed some pounds too ) I had to buy some new clothes (size 8 and mediums thank you very much)!  So have been wearing those to wash and have hemmed at the .alterations place.

We have two days in Sydney before we board the cruise boat for our twelve days.  An on-line friend, Helen, is meeting us in Melbourne to show us the sights there.  We end the cruise in Aukland and will be staying with our friend, Clare for 8 days.

When people ask how we happen to have a friend living in Aukland it is funny to watch their expressions when I explain that I met both Clare and Helen through an on line scrapbooking message board over eleven years ago.  Helen and I were on a small ezine design team together and Clare...well, Clare and I connected through the same message board and when she came to the States for the first time, she stayed at our house among others in her Grand Tour.  That is her first Grand Tour and she also stayed with us on her second one.

Everyone we introduced her to has fallen madly in love with her and the Women Who Do Lunch Bunch have made her an honorary member.

This weekend is the Cheeky Chics crop and Clare will be attending via the internet and Google Chrome.  My tablet is amazing for this.  She, Janet Miller, Pam Bennett and I once exchanged our Christmas gifts via Google Chrome.  Love this technology

So, only 30 days to go. 

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LyndaKay said...

From Paradise to the exotic south Pacific!! What an adventure you both will have.