Sunday, February 24, 2013


Yesterday morning, we headed south to join Janet and Bob Miller at their beautiful home on Anna Maria Island and our new friends, Suzanne and Glen.  The fog was pervasive until we hit the apex of the (dreaded for me) Sunshine Skyway Bridge...and then...the sun came out and we knew an amazing time was in store for us.  This is the usual fare for a weekend with our friends, Janet and Bob.

Suzanne in deep thought.

 We headed out to the fisherman's Pier for a wondeful lunch.  And these are some of the pics
 Oh, and did I forget to mention that Janet met us at the door with her now, since the last Cheeky Chics Crop, infamous Mimosas.?  Going...going ...GONE

 the menu for Pam Bennett.
We laughed, exchanged stories, laughed tons more and....
Gene fixed prime rib last night, Glen did the potatoes and the green beans and Janet and Bob crowned the event with their desserts

 This is what we woke to this morning but it was so much fun to be encompassed with fog.

The day cleared and we had this to live

 Here are our menfolk.
 And Janet has helped me set a new standard for Wino in a purse!

 Bob and Janet spoil our Grands so very much and this is an outfit for our girly girl , Leighton, that Bob himself picked out.  She is going to be the Toddler Diva for sure.
When I see the downside of the Skyway Bridge I know it is but a hop, skip and jump home...ok...maybe 40 min.   lol

We can not thank Bob and Janet enough for making our 'get away' so much fun.  We love you guys!

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