Friday, February 22, 2013

A week from today...

We will doing our last check for things we need to do or take on our trip.  Chris' folks will have moved into our house, the kids will be reacquainted with their other grandparents and we'll be waiting for our driver to take us to the Tampa Airport.  If we forget anything, we can either get it in Australia or New Zealand or we just plain don't need it, right?

We've had an incredibly busy week but then that makes time go faster and, I have found that the week before a trip can drag on and on unless one stays busy.  We did an extra shift with the Grands and have still managed to get ALMOST everything done we need to do.  I am finishing up the Help Manual we are leaving for Chris' folks (kids, our house and its oddities, the cats who are odd to begin with and local dinning places and things to do).  As I have said, E is completely packed and I am semi.  We're picking a large suitcase for me at the kids' today.

This is what I am going to miss so much....

 these funny little people who expand my heart on a daily basis and occasionally try my

Last night, Bill and Jo took us out to dinner at The German Restaurant up the way in Holiday, Fl.   Not only was the food excellent but the attention we were given was exceptional.  I am sure it was generated by the fact that Bill spoke to the Mrs. of the Owners in German helped.  Jo and I think he should get a part time job there as their official greeter!

I had the lemon chicken and the spratzel (sp?)...and the potato soup...all of which were very good.

Today is the last of our Nana/Papa limo days for this week.  Tomorrow we head to visit with Janet and Bob Miller at their lovely beach home on Anna Maria Island.  Another friend of ours and her husband arrive today from Alabama.  While we gals relax on the loggia overlooking the Gulf, the guys will be slaving away in the kitchen.  Isn't that how it is suppose to be? lol  .  Our house sitter is coming over so our cats (the boys) will not be lonely.

I have a card reader for my tablet coming in the mail today and I want to see how that works before we leave.  Rob has loaded everything I need to continue to post to my blog while we are gone so I'll be posting every few days from foreign ports afar! 

Hope your weekend is a delight!

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