Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just another weekend in Paradise

We came home Friday too tired to even stop off at our favorite watering hole for a drink so we passed and just chilled.  We had invited Jo and Bill and their friends, Nick and Camille visiting from Kansas City to dinner last night so we spent Sat. reclaiming our house.  Dinner was lovely and we started with drinks down around the fire pit and ended with a Key Lime pie baked by Camille who brought her own mixer with her in her suitcase.  Jo has been showing them the local sights and you can tell they like our little village...I mean, what's not to like, right?

We have exhausted E's supply of his home brew lemoncello so it is a good thing our Meyer lemon tree is loaded with blooms.  Now come on little bees and do your job so E doesn't have to get out there like he did last year and cross pollinate the blossoms with one of my paint brushes again.

Today we have a mix of things we'd like to do:  The Sunday Market for some fresh veggies etc, maybe lunch either at Tarpon Tavern or Miss V;s , maybe a soak in the hot tub later with a nice glass of wine...we're pretty much open today for whatever we feel like doing.

Reading Michael Tucker's book, Living in a Foreign Language and wishing it would never end.  Nick and Camille rent a place in Tuscany every year and take cooking classes etc...we adored Tuscany and Michael Tucker makes Umbria sound as entrancing.  We often dream of selling this place, buying a samller condo and moving part time to Italy which we could then afford.   And then we think about what we would miss here with the Grands, our kids, our friends and just sigh.  Maybe some day, huh?

Hope your Sunday is filled with amusements, dreams and wondering.

I forgot to add that I am going to have to go back to monitored message posting due to some unacceptable messages left.  Sad.

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LyndaKay said...

I'll look into that book for my kindle. Good that you're weeding out the crappy comments. What deranged person bothers doing that?
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.