Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday in Paradise

After we finished some household chores, we headed into town for the Sunday Market.  E needed some collard greens and I wanted some veggies for salads for this coming week. 

  Our next stop was Tarpon Tavern for lunch.  We split the garlic parm chicken fingers with a side of buffalo sauce.  The owner, Dan, is doing a fantastic job with this it.
 On our way back across the bridge to our house, we stopped to have a drink with Bob.  The view from Cap'n Jack's is wonderful.  We're not wild about the food but it is a hopping place especially on weekends and good for hanging out and having a brew or two.

Last Thursday, E came home with Valentine flowers for me.  And yesterday he gave me this lovely bracelet as my Valentine present.  Now looking for earrings to match.  I told him I had nothing purple so would have to go shopping for a blouse or top at least...right?

Happy Early Valentine's Day to me! 

Have a great week!

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