Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Leighton Kaye thanks to Pam Bennett

 Calling her Mommy on her play cell phone at Nana's and Papa's house.

 Contemplating life etc.

Runny nose always!

At Music with Mar class.

Playing the kazoo...she mastered this before her big brothers did. 

And showing off her musical talents with an assortment of other instruments.  Look out Broadway...a star is born!

Practicing her People's Magazine cover pose.

Many many thanks to my pal, Pam Bennett, for taking these amazing shots of Leighton and just wait til you see the ones she took of the boys and all 3 of them together!  More to follow, of course.

Spent the morning cropping with the Women Who Do Lunch Bunch at Posh Scraps and Lady Di was so kind to help Jo (who does not scrap by the way...just sayin') with her digital print photo album.  She wants to join us again next week for Lesson Two and to just hang out with the amazing people at Posh!  She may not scrap but she sure does know good women when she meets them.  So when are you all joining us?


LyndaKay said...

Love how Pam got right down level with L's face. Great shots.

Cheeky Chics said...

*Fabulous* shots Pam ;)

Cheeky Chics said...

Is someone spamming on your BLOG Jules??? The whole anonymous pizza yada yada.......