Wednesday, February 06, 2013

And the laughs and fun continued...

 Yesterday was our last full day with our wonderful friend, Pam Bennett and, as always, we crammed in lots of fun and adventure.  Dear Pam went with the Grands to Music With Mar during the morning.  Tuesdays, E and I have the Grands for a half day while their daddy attends class for his degree.  Pam took the most fun pictures of the kids and I'll put some of them up hopefully tomorrow. 

Pam and I shopped away the afternoon and met E for drinks after my doctor apt. (another sinus infection thanks to the generosity of my Grands who share too nicely) and then decided on an early dinner down on the Sponge Docks.  We picked Dimitri's on the Water for the view and the authentic Greek food.  We ate around dusk and watched the lights come on twinkling on the Anclote which was like glass last night.

Pam had the grilled octopus, I had the lemon soup, the lemon potatoes and the chicken in a light white wine and lemon sauce with artichokes and E had the roasted leg of lamb with the potatoes and soup as well.  E's back was giving him trouble and my meds had not kicked in yet, of course so we were in bed by 8 or perhaps even earlier.  Poor Pam...we are not the wild and crazy kids we use to be.

I am looking forward to the rest of my dinner from last night for today.  The best tip I ever learned from Weight Watchers was to ask for the 'to go' box when I get a meal out and put half of it in the box even before I begin to eat.

Today is Nana/Papa limo day.  After we take the kids to school, I'll head up to Posh Scraps for my mid week fix with the Women Who Do Lunch Bunch.  Jo will be joining us today as Diane J is giving her pointers on creating a Snapfish album and Pam will also come for a bit to say hello/goodbye to the gals.  They have voted her an honorary Woman Who Does Lunch Bunch gal.  Pam is off to Orlando to visit briefly with our friend, Renee from the old ACOT mb and then wing her way back to that cold and frosty place, Wisconsin.  

Hope you have a day filled with sunshine and joy!

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