Friday, February 01, 2013

Let the fun begin...Pam is in town

Pam's flight was a bit delayed so E and I repaired to a new wine bar at the airport a friend had recommended, First Flight.  Very nice place with knowledgeable wine server!  After Pam arrived, we fulfilled one of her wishes and headed directly to Molly Goodhead's in Ozona, Fl. (a hop,skip,jump from where we live and very old Florida). 

E and Pam had the traditional oyster shooter and I had salad in a glass, so to speak.  We had appetizers and then moved on.


 Our next stop was Loggerheadz to visit with our favorite Tiki Bar Girl, Susie and then it was on to Tarpon Tavern for an early dinner.  We headed home for some relaxation and to save ourselves for today.

Today, E and I will take the Grands to school, pick up his meds for his ear infection and then pack the car for the crop.  Pam and I are meeting up with the Women Who Do Lunch Bunch at Posh, rendezvousing with Janet Miller, Eileen and Di III and others in St. Pete for lunch before we head to the resort.   This is going to be a star spangled weekend filled with fun and friends.  Even our Clare, all the way from NZ will be with us when she can viz Google Chrome.  What more could we ask for, right? 

Updates to follow when I can.  Taking my tablet only and am still learning the ins and outs of it.  Have a wonderful weekend yourself and Happy Feb.


Pam said...

Pam looks tired :)
Until after that shooter!

Renee said...

Awesome pics. Glad she is finally here.

LyndaKay said...

Have so much fun this weekend that I can hear you laugh all the way up here!!