Monday, February 04, 2013

Good Friends and Good Times

WOW! I am not even sure where to start of the fabulous weekend I just spent with good people at a great crop (Cheeky Chics) at the.Magnusen Resort in St. Pete, Fl.  but I'll give it a try.  So much of the weekend was one of those "you had to be there" moments like Pam pulling the door handle off the slider and landing on the heater...see what I mean?

Friday, Pam and I headed off to Posh Scraps in Palm Harbor, Fl.  where Michele, the owner, instantly recognized Pam although it had been almost two years since Pam had been in the store.  That right there is what makes Posh Scraps so very special along with the incredible customer service.

We met up with Jacque, Cynthia and Mavis and followed them to St. Pete where more gals joined us for lunch and then on to the crop.  We all had first floor rooms this time and settled in as soon as we could.  At the crop we were surprised by our friend, Jill Goodheart, who had flown in from North Carolina so we had two out of staters and one international visitor in our group alone, Mavis is our Canadian pal, whom I am sure will be a regular at the Cheeky Chics crops when she can.  We chatted and cropped the night away pausing only for a bite to eat .

Sat. morning Pam, Janet and I headed out for a morning walk.  We wanted to show Pam our playground at the near by park on the Bay, but it was gone.  The park is under construction for a wharf so we contented ourselves with a view from the observation tower and a long brisk walk..

After showers etc, we headed to the crop room where Janet Miller whipped up the best batch of mimosas I've ever had.  She prepared two batches and as many of the 63 women at the crop as wanted were invited to partake.  Our roomies, of course, had to taste the mimosas first and in large glasses and we pronounced them top drawer.  This ritual was repeated on Sunday morning as well.

 We needed some assistance with the cork removal on the champagne and JD was kind enough to assist us.

Pam is on the left and was such a "tourist" the whole weekend, supplying us with endless opportunities for jokes and laughter.  Denita (Dee) is on the right and the owner of Cheeky Chics Scrapbooking.  Her company is growing like mad and the reasons are so evident:  wonderful venues, fun things going on and the nicest women scrappers!  Our group has grown from 4 to 14 at this crop .. Dee had a total of 63 at this crop and we all had tons of space and tons of fun.    I think we are going to go way over that in Oct. when we all head to Sebring, Fl at the historic Kennelworth Hotel for a spooky H'ween crop.  Dee has several 3 and 4 day crops planned between now and then so check out the link at the top for details.

Sat. night six of us (Pam, Janet, me, Diane P, Chrys, and our dear sweet Val) found a great little Italian place nearby and dined on pizza and assorted other items.  And no, I have no idea what the name of the place was except it started with a P and we loved the food and service.

Sunday was spent cropping and saying farewell to good friends.  Pam and I chilled on the lanai when we got home and then Jo and Bill joined us for one of E's prime rib dinners. In between we were able to hook up with our beloved Clare via Google Plus .  She is visiting Jane and Paul in Welllington and it was nice to put a face to a name.  Jane and Paul have offered to be our tour guides when E and I visit their city next month.    The sports people watched the Super Bowl and I slid between the sheets.

Oh, and then there is the story about how Pam broke the handle off the slider in our hotel room and landed on the heater...but that is a story for another


Janet M said...

I'm glad you included the photos of me working so hard at the crop, making the Mimosa's is a hard job and someone has to be in charge of it.
What a wonderful weekend - the whole entire time, good friends to share it with and so many laughs and memories.

LyndaKay said...

I think there's a joke in there somewhere about Pam and the heater...maybe something about hot buns. lol