Friday, February 15, 2013

Nana's Day Off Feb 15

Nana/Papa Limo Express got a day off so Jo and I headed to St. Pete to visit with Rob and have him do some tech work for me.  I dropped off my laptop, tablet and phone and a all back fixed except the phone which has to go back to the store.  Thank Heavens I bought the total protection (no matter what) package.  Will be returning phone tomorrow. 

We left Rob and all my electronic appliances and Jo and I had an adventure.  We parked near the Pier and took off, ah walking.  We found a cute little shop (can't remember the name where I was able to get some earrings to match the bracelet E gave me for Valentine's Day and a jacket for a steal from Chico's.  Jo got a cool jacket there as is mine.

Paired with black slacks and a black shell I have with ruffles along the u shaped neck line, I am now officially set for the cruise...or will be as soon as the tees I ordered from Old Navy come in. 

Here are some of the shots from our day long adventure in St. Pete.

 This has to be one of my favorite signs from the whole day.
 And how cute is this how my reflections shows up!

 "Seek Happiness" ...LOVE.

 This was tutu cute!

We headed to the Vinoy with a toddy in mind but a meter called us back to reality.

My son lives within walking distance of this area of St. Pete but we headed back to his house, picked him up and went to Johnny Vegas out on the Pier.  The Pier won't be there much longer so we go there when we can.  The view is amazing and I am sad to see the old Pier go and really am not fond of the Lens which is suppose to replace it.  One word...ICK!

 Joann is my son's god mother and has been incredibly kind to both the kids and the Grands as well.  She and I go back so far that we could never not be friends...we have too much info on each 
 the food was very pick some good places to eat, Rob and thanks for the tech support!

Jo and Bill are coming over for dinner and we are having crab bisque, a light bib lettuce salad and Lobster Thurmador....I'll be walking for an hour tomorrow for sure.  Almost all my slacks and shorts that I am taking on the cruise are 8s (a long cry from the size 16s I was wearing 3 years ago) and I refuse to out grow the 8s!  Walking allows me to indulge a bit here and there ( a human life food wise) and WW gets full credit for me knowing when to say when.  I have been a Life Time member for 8 mo. now and living proof it works!

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madelineas said...

Love the pictures Jules. WW sure does work and I say I need to exercise like crazy because I love to eat and love being a lifer at WW again