Thursday, February 14, 2013

Updating...we've been running!

 Monday night we met Bill and Jo , Nick and Camille at Mykonos on the Sponge Docks in our village.  It was Nick and Camille's last night and they were craving more Greek.  Mykonos is the most authentic Greek around, in my opinion, although we have lots of great Greek ones here.

 Tues., as is our tradition, Jo and I headed to Dunedin for the Mardi Gras Celebration.  There were craftsmen and women and food galore.  The parade is getting better with a few more floats and more beads as opposed to politicians and local 'bigwigs' in convertibles.  This is a much smaller celebration that what both Jo and I are accustomed to being from St. Louis but she had I have grown to love this one for its small town touches and the flavor.

E and I are "off work" tomorrow as the Twins have testing in prep and placement at K's school for next year in the Pre K program.  It is hard to believe that they will be 3 before we know it or, for that matter, their ol' Nana will be 66 the day before their b'day....eeek.  We'll still have Leighton 3 Nana/Papa llimo days next year but that will be our last as she will go into the Pre K program as well the year after.  Sigh.  They grow so fast.

Trying to get Rob up this way to do some tech work on my laptop, phone and the tablet I am taking on our big trip.  Only 12 days til Chris' folks move into our house to house sit and take over our Limo Service while we are gone.  And only 14 days til we head out ourselves.  E has one of his bags already packed...not surprising knowing him.  lol

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.  Here are a few shots I got this morning of our whirling dervishes before we took them to school. 

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