Monday, February 18, 2013

Ten Days but who is counting?

We ran errands today...picked up a new drag a long carry on...some wrinkle away stuff, small things of hair goo and spray and deodorant etc and, E is all packed and ready to go. The man irritates the hell out of me...he packs up to two weeks before a trip and hangs his clothes up wrinkle free.  I wait til the last minute to put my freshly ironed clothes in the suitcase and I look like a bag lady when I put them on.  There is something radically wrong with this picture.  I'd let him pack for me but then I have to answer questions like, "do you really need 11 pairs of shoes ? um yes!" and how many pairs of slacks are you taking anyway?", I pack myself and arrive wrinkled but fully ready for any social event and with shoes to match!

This is going to be a busy week.  We are coming off a four day "vacation".  Tomorrow we have the Grands for the morning and then Ms Jacque of the infamous Women Who Do Lunch Bunch is picking me up and the gals and I are off for a lovely lunch and shopping.  Wed. we do our Nana/Papa Limo service, then I crop with the Wed. Women at Posh Scraps and E and I have the Grands til about 7:30pm as K has a work shop.

Thurs is Nana/Papa Limo day and we have a dinner date with our wonderful friends, Bill and Jo.  And that brings us to Friday...Limo Day and collapse. Sat am we head down to our other besties, Bob and Janet Miller's for a weekend where Janet, Suzanne and I sit on the loggia and the guys bring us drinks and goodies they have whipped up for our culinary enjoyment.  We head back home some time Sunday as we are celebrating my favorite (and only )son in laws b'day early. 

I am looking for a usb adapter or a card reader for my tablet.  Just discovered that if I have that, I can upload pics from my camera onto my tablet and, when E and I are having a toddy on land at a pub or cafe with free wifi I can blog with less cost .

Happy day to you all.

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