Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Back to our regularly scheduled program...on to Wellington NZ

Jane, Clare's cousin, and her husband, Paul, met us at the wharf with a wonderful surprise...Clare!  Our host and hostess and their sidekick showed us all around Wellington and we left sated and having had the most marvelous of days...thank you three!

Paul drove us all around the harbor and the bay and, parched folks that we were, we stopped at a surf beach side coffee and sandwich place for a respite with wine and a snack.  We had worn ourselves out with the panoramic view from atop Mt. Victoria

This restaurant had the funniest shell creations and we were all entranced.

Our next part of the tour was Wellington proper where we had to stop for an ice cream...and not just any ice cream...but a Hokey Pokey ice cream which we ate on the sea wall and watched the swimmers, runners, jet skiers, and walkers, most of whom were downtown workers on their lunch break. 

 Cousin Jane and her new bestie!
Then it was the cable car ride that Clare use to take to and from work each day when she lived here in Wellington.  At one point, it looks like one car coming down is going to run into the one going up but we made it both ways safely.

This is the sky line from the top of the cable car.

From the top, we roamed through the Botanical Garden which was beautiful despite the recent drought.

 The gardener's cottage.  It was like something out of a fairy tale.
 I loved this little gazebo and think it would be just perfect in our lower lawn.  Alas, E did not agree.
 This covered little place just struck our fancy. 

 Next stop was the wharf area in town and I only wish every port had one like this. 

 Jane told us that some orca whales got stranded inside this little area chasing food and the whole city turned out to watch til they were able to swim out again.
 How lovely would it be to spend a lunch break from work basking on these steps.
 This is one of the most unusual bridges I have ever seen.  It spans a road for pedestrians.

 We had lunch at a brewery and the food was excellent.  It was fun to try some of the exotic beers.

 When we were having lunch, young boys were jumping into this .
 from this tower!
 Our restaurant
 Clare and the Leaning Man
We have been so blessed on this trip to have had the tour guides that we have had:  Helen, who gave up her birthday and drove 3 hours to show us her beloved Melbourne, Paul and Jane who took the day off work to guide us through Wellington with our Clare.  Thanks to all and more to come.

Alas, we had to return to our ship and, as we pulled out of Wellington, we waved a goodbye.

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