Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day One and Two with our beloved Clare and associates...

We disembarked our ship at 9:30 am and, there with smiling faces, were Clare and Big Boy Joey.  We were so glad to see them and to finally meet Clare's son who, by the way, is one handsome young man who inherited his mother's wicked sense of humor!  We were transported to Clare's where she razzle dazzled us with lunch...looked just like the cook book. See?

It was a delightful lunch.  Leonie (one of Clare's partners in crime...and she is a lovely one btw! and a hoot!) came by to guide our Clare through the making of pavlova for tonight's dinner at Robyn Driscole's home.  Before we headed to Robyn's gorgons home, Clare and I made a market and wine run.  The owner of the liquor store loved us so much, he gave us each a pair of flip, ah jandals.  (or is that jandles?). 

 Robyn had the table set so pretty and her deck was lovely to sit out on before dinner.  She grilled the best leg of lamb we've ever had...perfect in every way.

The next morning, we were off in the light rain (which turned into a torrential downpour) to the Open Air Market near Clare's house.  The first order of business was to buy two large umbrellas and then on to the pretty veggies and fruits.

 And here is our Clare, once again working her fingers to the bone over a hot stove.  Leonie and Les came to dinner but that is a story for tomorrow...


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LyndaKay said...

What fun memories!