Friday, April 12, 2013

St. Pat's and Rotorua city sights

 St. Pat's dawned rainy and over cast and we decided to take a pass on the parade and goings on down town.  Leonie and Les invited us to their club for the festivities there and we had a laughing good time.
 Clare and I wore the matching tee shirts I got for us a year or so ago at St. Pat's in Dunedin, Fl.  Here we all our toasting to the Irish (real and wanna be s all!)

 The band was playing all of my favorites...big band sounds and they were wonderful although we heard very little Irish music.  I think "It will be a blue Christmas without you" was the closest they came to any holiday of any
 Here we groupies!

 Notice Les and E sitting far away trying to pretend they didn't know us?  Clare treated us to some snacks and we switched to wine.
We went back to Clare's for a better look at the damage the tree had done to her fence that fell the day before.  According recent updates, the fence is coming down.

We got up early the next morning and, with over night bags packed, we headed into town to catch the bus to Rotorua.  Clare is good friends with  one of the owners of an inn there, Six on Union, Lisa and we stayed in one of the inn's spacious suites.  The train ride was fun and we even saw a Hobbit house...
Lisa met us at the station and took us on a great tour of the city with its thermals throughout the town.  We stopped first for some substance and then pushed onward.

 Rotorua is located on Lake Rotorua, whatelse.

 We stopped at the St. Faith church and that is where my camera troubles started...but that is a story for tomorrow, dear readers.  The Maori influence is wonderfully infused into this church.

 Almost everywhere you look in this town, there are natural thermals.  They are generally fenced off and warnings posted.  Some of the people in the town used the thermals for hot water and to heat their homes and businesses but this is now discouraged.

More tomorrow from this fascinating town and our adventures there.

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