Saturday, April 13, 2013

The curse on my camera

Back on our second day in Sydney, E and I (collectively) dropped my new point and shoot Cannon camera into a puddle.  We rescued it ASAP, removed the battery and waited a few days til we know it was dried out.  It was exposed to the water just a couple of seconds.  After the waiting period, the camera worked like a dream until...

When we entered St. Faith Church, I saw a sign on the right hand door.  "No photos or videos for commercial purposes" .  I had and do not have any intention of selling my photos so believed I was ok to take pics inside.  What I did not see was the sign on the left door that said, "No photos inside the church".  When my camera lens refused to open after the last of the pictures here of the beautiful city gardens, Lisa told me I had a Maori curse on my camera. ( I believe the word for it is makutu). The camera has not worked since.  My friend, Cynthia, says her son may be able to fix it so I'll give it to her if he does not mind taking a look.  We have since replaced the camera with another Cannon. 

Without further ado, the gardens...

Later that evening, we all headed to the Mitai Maori village for a cultural performance, hangi meal, sacred spring and Waka, a bush walk and glow worms.  Photos to follow tomorrow.  This experience was one of our top ten for the trip.

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