Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Overload

We've been busy busy people here lately and what we have been busy doing is having fun. Friday morning we attended the Pancake Breakfast at Palm Harbor Montessori School with the Grands.  The entire meal from shopping to seating was done by the New Middle School kids and they did a pretty good job.  

"I don't need a sippy cup.  I'm a big girl now".

 Napkin folding 101?
 Where's the food...
 Friday, after the Grands' mama got home, E and I headed to Dimitri's on the Water to meet up with some friends.  We had the olives and feta appetizer, shared a bottle or two of the wonderful Greek red and I had a Greek Cobb salad and E had the fish Gyro.  Loved seeing people we had not seen in a while, Becky, Sandy and Dave!

 This one is for Pam Bennett who loves to peruse the menu selections ...and this is when we raised our glasses and toasted to the "working people" , an old Week 29 Estero Beach Resort tradition!


Bright and early Sat. morning, the Grands, their mama, Papa and me headed into town to the Touch A Truck event and Tarpon Springs did it up right!  There were contests, live music by the talent show winners (who were outrageously excellent btw), give aways, coloring books and more .  I think the Grands favorite was the trash truck and the back seat of the police car...hope this is the only time the boys see that back  Thanks so much to our city workers who showed such patience with all the kids (and their parents) and our personal favorite city worker, Tom Mueller, who the Grands refer to as "Uncle" Tom.

 The usual

 I think Leighton's favorite part was the fountain in front of the library.  She came pretty close to climbing in!

And our weekend is not over yet...we're meeting Susie, Justin and a few other friends around 11am and hoping the Jolly Trolley.  We'll make a few stops here and there and work our way down to lunch on Clearwater Beach.  Hope you are having a great weekend!


Janet M said...

Sounds like one busy fun weekend, it looks like the kids loved all the trucks. Have fun today .

LyndaKay said...

Leighton in a halter top...too cute! Need a caption contest for the pic w/ the boys in the back seat of the cruiser!! So funny.