Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Sunday everyone

We're in recovery mode here in Paradise.  We had such fun, perhaps a tad too much, with our dear friend, Steve.  We took him to the airport Sat. around two and I crashed on the couch catching up on my missed programs:  Hawaii 5-0, Blue Bloods, the Good Wife and NCIS LA (not that last one was a cliff hanger!)

Our one cat, Just Jack, has not been the same since Steve left.  He keeps hunting in the guest room and in the kitchen for him.  Poor Just Jack.

I just finished two projects for Gecko Galz now that my sabbatical has ended and it was so good to work with Leanne's images once again. 

And now I am going to brag on my honey.  When we were browsing in Dunedin, I admired a bracelet and he surprised me with it as an early anniversary gift.  I told the clerk that I am truly spoiled!

So much happens in June for us.  June 1st is our 18th. Anniversary, June 6th is the kids' anniversary, June 9th is my (gasp) 66th. birthday and June 10th. is the Twins' 3rd.  This bracelet is perfect as a remembrance of all the wonderful things that have happened in the merry merry month of June!


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