Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Alive and well and living in Paradise

Sometimes things pile up and tend to overwhelm but I have found that I can knock the list down to manageable with my daily walk.  Things come into perspective, answers to problems arrive out of thin air and inspiration flows. 

So, without further ado...the Grands by popular demand.  The Twins are a few weeks shy of 3 now and our girly girl is 18 months and finally getting some hair....so here they are!

Their new super wagon...canopy, six cup holders, extra long handle (Papa loves this!), and a 'trunk' for storing necessaries.

 We had the Grands over for Mother's Day and Leighton and her tank-kini were the hit of the day!

 Joe Cool !
 Our rides to and from school Wed.-Friday are a laugh and a half.

 Colvin needs a photo shoot all his own.  He sits behind my seat and getting pics of him is hard.  He is a kit on the go and most of my shots of him are blurry.  Nana and Colvin are going to have a chat and he'll be getting his very own photo shoot!
 NOOOOOOOOOOO! not the camera again!
And this one is priceless...looking for title for this scrap worthy picture!
 Practicing for shopping with Papa.

Been busy getting product ready for the Wine Walk in Tarpon Springs May 15th (check out Bottle Works blog), participating in some challenges (see the Altered Art blog), having some fun with my gal pals, and getting ready for two dear friends to visit this weekend.  And you?

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LyndaKay said...

What a wagon! Adorable pics.