Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bad Nana

We've been on a whirlwind lately.  Between getting ready for company, watching the Grands and a new adventure or two, I've not been posting here as much.  I have my usual batch of funny pics from the Grands and a couple from the nature preserve I took on  my morning walk

Our first round of company is Steve, our dear friend from St. Louis and it just so happens to be American Beer Craft week with some specials at Tarpon Tavern so we will be sure to take him there.  The following week, my friends, Janet and Lynda Kay are due to arrive on a Friday and leave later on Sat. to see our lovely little town and the surrounding areas.  E is cooking us dinner one night and breakfast the next and we'll dine on the water one day and in town the other...and, of course some retail therapy.

We've entered into some new territory here.  I am writing a guest column for Tarpon Springs Life magazine (a Hibu publication edited by Cheryl Segal) called "Tarpon Springs Living" and have just submitted my second column for approval and revision.  A second new adventure is the placing of my glass and bottle creations here in Tarpon Springs.  The main venue for consignment is the Tipsy Candle Factory

I've been busy setting up a blog for the Bottle Works and designing and getting my business cards and pricing tags printed.

And, without further ado, the Grands!

 And my morning walk.



Pam said...

cute pics! and Landon's face :(
Leighton looks so happy, and his hair :)

LyndaKay said...

Your biz card looks terrific! Can't wait to see you and meet E soon!