Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Been a busy week and it is only Tuesday

We had the Grands for half a day on Monday.  Poor Landon has another ear infection and was not his usual chipper self.  We read Pete the Cat books (I LOVE my Blue shoes), played with the wooden train set and did cross word puzzles with Papa.

 Some days a little guy just doesn't want to get out of his jammie top.

 What is a six letter word for adorable...Grands
 Landon has taken to asking me to read him the car ads...a portent of things to come?
When the kids' daddy got back from school, we rushed home so I could shower and change and meet up with two of the Women Who Do Lunch bunch who treated me to lunch for my birthday at Sea Sea Riders in Dunedin, Fl.  We spent half our time solving the world's problems and the other half laughing ourselves silly.  I adore these women...

 I had the day's special: cilantro mayo roasted chicken with avacado on half a roll and a side  of their house coleslaw with peanuts!
We shopped our way through several stores, dropped more than a few pennies at the.Dunedin Bead Store and then it was on to Layayette and Rushford Home...my happy place. 

Then, when I got home, there in the day's mail was the Tarpon Springs Life magazine with my article on a FULL page.  I had been told it would be on a half page with my photos on the opposing page.  Instead, there I am, bigger than life.  I have one more article coming out next month before the magazine becomes history.  I was glad to be a part of it while it lasted.

Today, I met Chris at Music with Mar at St. Ignatius Church on Tarpon Ave here in town.  The kids love this class and it give Chris a break in his day as well.  We have the kids for the next two days while daddy works and mama attends a mandatory workshop.  Thinking about bringing the kids back here one of the days...we'll see.  It has been a loooooooooong time since we had all 3 all day so all prayers are gratefully accepted...lol.

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LyndaKay said...

I zoomed in and read as much as I could. Wonderfully written and you mentioned so many businesses in town!! Great job! Be sure to post next month's article.