Monday, July 29, 2013

Mimosas in the morning...must be Monday

The office serves mimosas and donuts on Monday mornings before the owners meeting (which I skipped by the way).  Jo had to sign in and get her second key and our timing was perfect.  She and Bill and I visited the used book store in Santini Plaza then met E for lunch at Smokin' Oyster Bar.  We all have far too much to eat so may just 'salad' it for dinner tonight. 

I was going to put up the pirate boat pictures but when they went to upload, cyber space gobbled them up.  I need to figure out why this happens with my tablet.  Fortunately, my dear friend, Cynthia's, son is an expert at photo retrievals.  He is the one who "found" my missing 18 or so pics from Australia that I had thought were gone forever.  In a week or so, when C's son has worked his magic, I'll put up the  pics.  It will be an adventure for me all over

Hope your day is going well and your little slice of Paradise heavenly like ours.

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