Thursday, August 01, 2013

Our last week is winding down...

We have had such fun with Bill and Jo but then we always do.  We've shopped, swam, walked the beach, eaten E's cooking and drank his home brew limoncello, sipping it slowly watching the beautiful sunsets night after night.  But, all good things must come to an end and Bill and Jo wing their way back to St. Louis tomorrow morning and we head back to Tarpon Springs on Sat.


Last year, Leighton's first at the beach, I followed a couple of my gal pals (Jadee and Kim) and started my granddaughter a 'beach' charm bracelet.  I purchased the bracelet and the tiny flip flop charm for her in 2012 and, this year, added the shell.  She spent a lot of time gathering shells on the beach with her brothers this summer so I thought it appropriate.

I also added to my flip flop (or, as Clare calls them...jandles)collection with these fun ones.

Today was Bill and Jo's 32nd. anniversary and they kindly asked us to join them for an early dinner at Matanzas on the back bay where I had lunch with a friend last week.  The restaurant is right on the water and, while we did not see all the dolphins my friend and I did last week, we had such a good dinner and lovely view, that was ok.

We will start our packing tomorrow so we can still take our morning beach walk on Sat.  We are meeting another of our dear St. Louis friends, Carla Kaplan, who is in town visiting her dad, for dinner and drinks tomorrow night.

Hope your week is a wonderful one.

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LyndaKay said...

Great beach & sunset photos.