Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bragging on Nana's Boys

( I promise I will post pictures from the Cheeky Chic's Spooktacular four day crop tomorrow...but my little guys have to come first!)

Last Thurs. was awards morning assembly at the boys' school.  They are in 3year old pre K and love it!  All the school was there and four awards were given in each class : Respect, Aiming High, Staying on Task and Responsibility.  The first 3 only were given out in the preK this assembly and two went to the boys.  Papa said he is quite sure it had nothing to do with the fact their mama teaches first grade at the school and I totally agree...lol

Here is Mama in the pink shirt with the long hair.

And here are our boys before the ceremony...guess who Colvin is waving at...lol.

Landon was given the award for Aiming High

And Colvin's was for Respect.

Proud Nana.

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LyndaKay said...

Just darling pics.! Can't wait for the LO.