Sunday, October 06, 2013

Time flies when you are having fun...

and we must be having one hell of a good time lately.  The Grands came over Friday to swim and for dinner.  Colvin says to me, "Nana, we can raining!" and I've added "for a change" to that. 

Our mornings are cooler as our later evenings and that is a blessing.  Guess we'll be fire pit shopping before too long and I can dig out my color cones once again.

I declared today "Not going to do anything I don't want to and no one can make me" day and I haven't so far.  Took a wonderful walk around the bayou (two of them actually) and through one of the older sections of town with the prettiest little cottages and bungalows.  Then E and I worked crosswords on the lanai til time for his Sunday get together with his buddies to watch football.  I have jazz playing softly and may just give in to the urge to nap a bit on the couch.

We have a busy week coming up ...surprise surprise, right?  Tomorrow is pretty open but Tues. is boys to school and Leighton and I off to Music with Mar plus both E and I have dr. apts in the afternoon.  I have to finish writing up my reveal post at eclectic Paperie by Tues as well as it goes live early Wed. morning.  In addition to our usual Leighton's Limo Service Wed. -Friday, I have a library board meeting Thurs after noon and we have company coming for dinner.  Friday we are hoping to meet up with Janet and Bob Miller for lunch. 

Ok...that made me tired so I'm off to nap and rest up for the rest of the week.  Hope you have a great week and apologies to those looking for pics of the Grands.  We were having too much fun Friday for me to even stop and take pics.  Will try to do better this week.

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