Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Photos from my phone

I have a Droid phone not an I phone like all my friends and the one thing I like about my phone is that it has a SIM card.  I can pull that little thing out, load it into an adapter and load it onto my laptop.  I don't always carry my camera when I walk and that is when I seem to take the most photos.

Today, Jo and I met at Tarpon Tavern around 9:30am and walked to the outdoor gym.  We've worked up to two rotations on each piece of equipments with 12 reps each.  Then, we walked around time before we headed to Bayou Cafe for brunch.  When Jo and I walk I try to find a different street or place each time.  Today, we headed down Gross Street and were admiring this place built in 1910 from street, when the owner came out and invited us to roam the paths in her back yard...simply amazing.  The original bank of Tarpon Springs is on her property, little bridges and big and ...well, see for yourself.

the views are all from the back of the house.  The owner had a fire going in the fireplace inside and it smelled so good.

Tomorrow I'll try to remember to put up the pictures from my phone of the Grands...and Leighton with hair bows! lol

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Deanna Anthony said...

That is very cool! Beautiful pictures!!!