Friday, February 21, 2014

Two Weeks later

Where does the time go?  Soo sooo fast when we are so busy, right?

Gene's surgery on his upper leg went well but there has been a complication.  While the tumor was removed successfully and was benign, the swelling has not receded.  Instead, his upper leg is very swollen.  The surgeon has given him a few days for it go down and then it may have to be drained.  There is no infection but it is still sore and very puffy.  Hoping for the best.

We had a wonderful Valentines evening at Casa Ludivico's in Palm of our favorite places to celebrate special events.  We were busy most of the weekend with friends and Monday (Feb 17) we had all 3 of the Grands as their mama had a workshop and there was no school for the kids.  It was great fun but I sure with the twins had napped like their sister did.

On Tues. mornings now, I either take Landon to his physical therapy for his aprexia (sp?) or I take Colvin to school.  That gives me some time every other Tues with one or the other of the boys.  Since they started school at their mama's school, I only get to see them for a few minutes before they head out to school Wed.-Friday and I miss them.  We are having a blast with Leighton, who is one funny little girl.

Jo and I went to Marcia's for craft day and each made a necklace under Marcia's tutelage...I loved them both and we had a fun day.  I got to stop by Cynthia's the other day where I learned about a wax card technique that is ultra cool.  We had Jo and Bill for dinner that night also.

I meet up with Janet M and our friend Lisa at Whim's on Wed. and followed up our  retail therapy with a tasty Mexican lunch at Red Mesa.  (insert mega laughs here).

Last night, Jo and I "ditched" the guys and headed to the Sunset Beach Concert (last Thurs. of the month here in Tarpon Springs).  Talk about a fun time...we took a picnic lunch, sang along with the duo performing and watched the night sky fill with stars.  Bliss

Tonight we are meeting our friends, Luann and Jerry for dinner at our go to restaurant in town, Tarpon Tavern.  Hoping the sun shines tomorrow so we can meet Bill and Jo at Miss Vickies before Bill heads home to St. Louis next Monday.

Today, a fellow Book Club friend, Patty, came over and we swapped art ideas for projects and played with some products...always nice to find people with similar interests.  Next Tues, the Women Who do Lunch bunch will be cropping at my house and I can't wait to see everyone!

Ok, that should do it...all caught up and with only a week to go in this month.  

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LyndaKay said...

Wow, you pack a lot into 2 weeks! Such fun and interesting spots to dine at. I guess I just have to live vicariously through you!! lol
Enjoy the rest of February.