Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday with Leighton

We had the most delightful day with our little girly.  She and I walked around Spring Bayou, picked tiny flowers (only two) and had a fun time on all the steps.  We saw two ducks, a mama and a papa but no manatee or fish.

Papa took us out to lunch at Rusty Bellies on the Sponge Docks and then we played a bit before nap time.  Leighton loved the shrimp, fish, fries and black beans with rice but was not a big fan of the hush puppies, sad to say.

Before nap time, Leighton just had to call her Mama on her (inactive) cell phone and tell her all about our adventures today.

We have a busy week ahead but an enjoyable one.  Tomorrow, the Women Who Do Lunch bunch are coming here for a crop day.  E is cooking up some great food for us and, with any luck, I'll get some scrapping done.  Wed. I am picking up Rob and he'll stay a couple of his vacation days with us.  We're having the family over Wed. night, off to Miss Vickie's for lunch on Thurs and Rob's belated b'day dinner here Thurs evening.  I'll run by Whim So Doodle's before I pick him up to pick up some product.  Friday is the Craft Beer and BBQ festival here in Tarpon Springs so I imagine E and I will head into town for that. 

I am losing my darling Jo as she goes home the end of this week.  Hopefully, this is just a short time away as they are pretty sure they have a year lease on a furnished condo.  I am so going to miss the time she and I have had.  Our walks have been the best even when we were oh so bad and stopped at the bakery in you Jo!

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