Monday, March 24, 2014

Morning Walks

I started walking seriously the year I retired from teaching.  Being a tactile person, I wanted to embed images of a place I had called home (Autumn Lakes in Maryland Heights, Mo.) that, when Gene retired, we would no longer live.  So, I walked.  I tried to walk every day: rain, sleet, snow, heat, humidity...and, more often than not, I did.

When we moved to Ft. Myers, Fl., I biked more than I walked.  It was cooler and easy to transport my bike to places like Captiva Island, Sanibel, etc.  Since E and I have moved here to my beloved Tarpon Springs, Fl, I only bike during the summer and walk the rest of the year. 

Walking has been and probably always will be my therapy, my release and my way of solving problems.  While I started off walking to upbeat music to set a pace, now I set my own pace and let my surroundings be my music. 

I use to struggle to walk a mile and now I average between 3 and 5 daily.  The only weather I do NOT walk in is thunder and lightening storms...I do not have a death wish.  Since my town finished the outdoor gym, I've added that to the mix 2 or 3 x a week.  I started this with my pal, Jo, who winters here from St. Louis. 

I've taken long walks with almost everyone who has come to visit us here in our charming town and see no reason to stop.

To all of you who comment so nicely on face book when I post my morning walk photos, thank you.  You have inspired me to continue with my walk about. 

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LyndaKay said...

Lovely story.