Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Day

When the Grands got up from their naps, Mommy and Daddy headed over to our place.  We had an egg hunt (Uncle Rob...Nana did a poor job of hiding them because they found them way too fast), dinner and everyone left on a sugar high. 

I decided to down size a bit with my bunny collection and allowed each Grand to pick one bunny to take home (removing the one my Aunt Rita gave me, the one my mother had sitting on her bed and the one my honey gave me) and, while the boys seem to have no problem selecting one of the bunnies, Leighton debated long and hard before selecting the softest one of all.

Today she and I headed to the Tarpon Springs Library for Toddler Time and had a wonderful morning...lots of us grandmothers with toddlers...almost more than moms.  Interesting.  I think there needs to be some Grandmother and Toddler groups not just Moms and Tots...we'd be the GOTS!

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