Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sat. Egg Hunt and play ground

Last year, Kristen and I took the little kids to Tarpon Springs' Egg Hunt at the sports center and were so impressed by how the hunt was run.  The kids are all divided by ages so even our little guys and girly got a ton of eggs.  The plastic eggs have either candy or a prize in them...we got all candy, which I am sure, Mommy rationed out.  Yesterday was the egg hunt so off we went again.

And then it was off to the bounce house.  Little girl was a bit too little so she stayed with us while the boys had a blast.

Our last stop of the morning was the amazing playground at the sports center.  They were all too little last year for the huge playground but, after a year of gymnastics each, the boys threw themselves into the fun.  Leighton went swinging with her Mommy...maybe next year for her.

After their naps today, the Grands and their parents will be coming over for our Easter dinner and egg hunt.  Sure hope they like the things the Easter Bunny dropped off for them here. 
Hope your Easter is a lovely one.

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Deanna Anthony said...

How fun that must have been! I miss seeing little ones enjoy the excitement of holidays! The fun changes so much with a teen in the house. Mary has been baking up a storm to share with our neighbors. She's so funny.