Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Catch Up Day #3: Colvin's Overnight

Last Friday was Colvin's turn for an overnight with Nana and Papa.  After swapping his sister for him at school, he and I headed to Sweetie's on the Sponge Docks where he picked the very same ice cream flavor his brother had before him, cotton candy.  Nana took a pass on the ice cream.

And then, give a choice between our pocket beach at Sunset Park or a stroll around the bayou to look for manatee, Colvin chose the beach.  While I did not remember his swim suit, I did pack a change of clothes, thank heavens.

This one above has to be one of my favorites...he was hunting for shells for his brother and sister.

When we got dry enough to get back in the car, we cruised through the Sponge Docks so our little sailor could once again see his shrimp and sponge boats and then it was home.  We went swimming, helped Papa cook dinner, climbed into our jammies and watched the Lorax...lots of good ecology in that movie!  And, round about 9 we headed in to bed for a couple of books and then sleep.  Colvin elected to sleep between us and not on his cot but he is a cuddle bunny so that was ok too. 

I am packing up for Dee Wisharts Cheeky Chics crop this weekend and, all but two of the Women Who Do Lunch bunch will be in attendance.  I am teaching an altered bottle and glass class on Sat. and am still trying to decide what to scrap.  I am so far behind that, in order to catch up, I need to live to be about 123, rough estimate. 

Will post from the crop and wish you all were joining us!  and, btw, why aren't you?

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LyndaKay said...

What a sweet kid! good luck w/ the glass class