Thursday, May 15, 2014

Getting up on my soapbox

Dear Gaggle of Girls on the bayou today,

I first want to commend you on your desire to keep your body fat ratio under 15% by running and exercising, for coordinating your darling workout clothes down to your socks and on your ability to run, do planks and sweat prettily.  What I do NOT commend you on is the lack of consideration and politeness that I evidenced today during my walk around the bayou.

The two overweight ladies should be applauded for walking almost every day like they do.  The one of you who rolled her eyes and snickered after she passed them was derisive and rude.   The older man who tipped his hat to you all as you passed him is not a pervert but a recent widow who was being a gentleman.  The shudder a couple of you exchanged was uncalled for. 

The dock a few of you dropped your mats and towels on and then proceeded to work out on is not a public dock and not for your convenience.  How do I know this?  I think the No Trespassing and Keep Off signs are a dead giveaway.

And to the one young lady in particular who passed me and sarcastically said, "Excuse Meeeeeee", I too have the right to walk the bayou and at my own pace. I stay to one side so faster walkers/runner can easily go around me.   There are several of us "older" people who can not run, jump and hop as those of you under 35 can.  A polite "passing on the left or right" is far more considerate and friendly. 

To those of you who nodded, returned my "Good Morning" , smiled at my elderly gentleman friend and moved around us slow pokes politely, THANK YOU.  To the few who were not, perhaps Santa will bring you a copy of Emily Post's Manners for Christmas. 

The Unhappy Walker

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