Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's Beach Time

We have spent the past week in bliss (aka our time share on Ft. Myers Beach).  We've kept ourselves busy visiting with our friends from when we lived here, soaking up some sun, and reuniting with our fellow time share pals. 

We arrived last Sat. and the unit had been updated with new tables, chairs and lots of lovely extras.  We were able to get in a couple of hours earlier than usual and it was a delight to get unpacked and moved in.  What we did not expect was the marching band on the beach welcoming

 The view from our lanai.  It is always interesting for us to consolidate our lives to live for 3 wks. in our unit which is under 400sq.ft.  Thoreau would be so proud of us, "Simplify, simplify, simplify!"
The usual afternoon showers have not resumed this week.  We've had rain off and on during our week but that has not stopped us from having such a good week. 

SAT.  moved in, unpacked and headed to Matanza's for our early dinner.  Glasses of wine on the beach.
SUN.  morning walk (me), reading on the pool front patio, swim, rain drops, read on the lanai...
MON.  pretty much like Sun. except we worked in a trip to the small outlet mall.  Coldwater Creek is closing and I almost felt like I was robbing them with the little I paid for the amount of clothes I left with.
TUES.  morning walk (me), did a bit of laundry, read by the pool and had our wonderful neighbors from when we lived here over for dinner.  We are so fond of them and we had such fun living across the street from them.
WED.  morning walk (me), got ready to meet my friend, Lynda, who lives here half the year at Owl and the Pussycat stamp art store for demo day and lunch.  What a wonderful way to take a break from the beach and with such a delightful lady.
THURS.  (today)morning walk, load of laundry, met Janet D (owner of Scrapbooks Etc. scrapbook company), Sonia (my bff from eons ago and who I swear never ages) and Barb (my roomie for years when we worked for Scrapbooks N Stickers here in Ft. Myers on the convention circuit).  Laughs a minute and it is like not a day had passed since we met the last time.  I call this our Yearly Reunion.

Tomorrow is Fri and our friends, Steve and DeeDee arrive from St. Louis.  They have not used their unit in about 8 years and I think they are going to be delightfully surprised at how lovely the units are now.  It is their anniversary so we'll head out for an early dinner to celebrate
Photos to follow

I'll leave you with the technicolor sunset we had last night.

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LyndaKay said...

Hope you enjoyed your second wk with the family. Incredible sunset photo.