Tuesday, September 02, 2014

New Day...new Grand son.

We started our morning with Landon learning how to make E's grandmother's pancakes which are more like crepes than anything else and very yummy.  I prefer mine with jam but  Landon and Papa are purists...syrup all the way with plenty of butter!

Because thunder storms threatened the late afternoon, we moved the swim and dinner to swim and lunch.  Chris brought Colvin and Leighton over and we all had a great time in the pool.  Landon and Leighton went home with their daddy sufficiently worn out and fed.

After Colvin's nap, we began our adventure with other "brudder" as the boys call each other.  We showed Colvin the surprise two wheelers and he was offfffffffffffffff Speed Racer.  He and I spent about an hour circling the block and discussing the pros and cons of the two bikes.

 We cooled down by watching the Muppets Caper (lots of which were way over his head) with lots of discussion as the movie unfolded.  Who is Colvin's favorite muppet?  Why Miss Piggy of course!  We took a final half hour dip in the pool after dinner, got into our jammies and read books.  Nana fell asleep around 8:15 and Colvin and Papa watch American Ninja something or other til around 9. 

Bright and early Monday morning, Colvin was up and wanting to help Papa make breakfast...EGGGGS for Colvin.

 After breakfast, Colvin and I took flowers from my garden to the mermaid at Craig Park, had a nice walk and then went home to ride the bike around and around again.  Around ten, we met Landon, Leighton and daddy at the Splash Park for a full hour (maybe more) of aquatic fun.  I'll post the pics from the rest Colvin's visit soon so check back.

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Precious, just precious.