Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Grands on Labor Day continued.

After we helped Papa clean up the kitchen, we headed to Spring Bayou to take some flowers to our mermaid and have a short walk.  Next, after we got home,  Colvin and I took a spin or three around the block and then back to our house to change.  It was off to the Splash Park to meet up with the Grands' daddy, sis and "brudder".  And what a great time we had...

After about an hour, it was lunch and nap time.  Colvin and Nana were both ready for some rest.  Around 4, we headed towards the kids' house with a short stop for what has become our Grand cream!  We stopped at the new gelato place in Old Palm Harbor that had been highly recommended by Mr. Roger, the Jolly Trolley driver Sat. but it was closed.  On to Strachens on Tampa Road and nothing would do but Colvin have the same kind of ice cream that "Brudder" had...Birthday Cake!

A brief clean up in the bathroom and Colvin joined his sibs at home.  I am not sure who has the most fun on these sleep over weekends at our or the Grands. 

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Pam said...

what an amazing time, and Leighton looks just like you and Kristen :)