Monday, October 20, 2014

A day with the Grands

And what a day it was...we were busy, busy, busy from ten am til just a bit ago.  We were playing on the lanai when Landon said, "Can we talk about tents?"...ummm, sure.  What about them...let's build one so we did.  And it was the biggest, bestest tent ever!!!
Our little chef/engineer added an out door kitchen and a carpeted patio.  Leighton and Colvin decorated the interior.

 We headed up to the Splash Park around 11:00 and played til after noon.  It must have been Grandparents Day because there were sure a lot of us "older" folks hanging out with our Grand

And, before we headed for naps, one pose with the dancing Ghosties.
By popular demand, lunch was hot dogs, apple sauce and green beans (and when they ate all their green beans, they also got 5 potato chips) .  Nana settled Landon and Colvin into the big bed in the guest room and Papa sat with Leighton in the work room while she fell asleep.  Colvin woke up first so he and I did a tour of the neighborhood with him on one of the boys' new two wheeler (with training wheels) bikes.  Mama came just in the nick of time and swept our Grands off to the park for a romp before taking them home sweet home.  
Every time I think E and I are getting too old to care for these 3 treasures, the kids prove to us that we are only as old as we choose to be and today we were very young at heart.

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