Sunday, October 19, 2014

ziggy zaggy ziggy zaggy oi oi oi

Yesterday, we celebrated the Second Annual October Fest here in Tarpon Springs.  E, our friend, Bob DeLay and I worked the beer and wine table for a couple of hours and then were joined by friends for lunch and more beer, of course.  E and I ended up taking home some excellent smoked chicken for our dinner.  We had a great time as usual...many thanks, Dan Jenkin (owner of Tarpon Tavern).

 A busy week ahead for us.  The kids' teachers all have a work day tomorrow so we're having them all over for the day.  Thinking the Splash Park might be a good idea!  Tues I have my every four months  blood work and the eye check up for my new contacts.  Wed. we are back on schedule as Leighton's Limo Service and on Friday I have 2 CT scans plus my food or drink til those are done and from midnight Thurs...I'll probably be ready to eat the upholstery in the car by the time that all is done. 
Have a great week.

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Pam said...

miss you all so much.