Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bad Nana Blogger

Life has been getting in the way of our lives lately.  They say, life is what happens while you are planning your life and I guess that is what has been happening for us lately.  I, for one, wish to resume our previously scheduled retired life existence!

With a small glitch (a viral infection that Leighton had), the Grands are all doing great.  Papa bought them each a small marigold plant to call their own.  I think he was hoping to turn them into gardeners like himself and their mama.  They seemed to love them, especially Leighton.

I just got back from a cruise with several of the Art Anthology design team members, the owner, Stayce DeWid, and several gal pals and what a great time we had.  Two of the gals, Kristi and Lorrie from the Carolina's stopped by for a couple of days before the cruise and I got to show them my lovely little town, Tarpon Springs.

Busy couple of weeks ahead.  We're really looking forward to working the October Fest here in Tarpon Springs originating at Tarpon Tavern.  The Fest goes from Oct. 17-19 and E and I will be working the beer tent from ten-noon on the 25th.  Come on out if you live in the area for all the Ompa Ompa festivities.

Will try not to go so long between posts!  We have all 3 of the Grands on the 2oth  and Leighton both Monday and Friday of this upcoming week so be prepared to be awash with my loves.

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LyndaKay said...

Not enough hours in the day, huh? Cute idea about giving the kids a plant.