Friday, October 17, 2014

Loving our town

I am sure anyone who reads this blog is aware that we have fallen madly in love with our little town of Tarpon Springs.  And now, as if we needed any reassurance, Tarpon Springs was " named a top retirement location in the Oct. 14, issue" of Where to Retire magazine.   According to the editor, Annette Fuller, our town "offers and experience ripe with tradition, festival, food and culture".  YEP! She is sure right. 

I am not sure who started the lovely tradition of placing fresh flowers on our Mermaid statue but, with my grand children, we are keeping the tradition.  Today, it was Leighton's turn to help Nana decorate the pretty sea lady our town has been blessed with.    For more info on our Mermaid, check HERE.

Leighton and I took a nice long walk around Spring Bayou this morning, watched the squirrels play tag, waved at the kayakers and sat on a slightly damp bench watching the tide go out (or was it coming in? lol).
Leighton also showed me what she has been learning on the beam in gymnastics...quite the balance baby!
Then it was home, dancing with the ghosties in our front yard, lunch and half a movie.  It was Cinderella by special request.  Now it is nap time for both of us! 

If you are out and about, be sure to come by the Octoberfest  here in Tarpon Springs.  It starts at 4pm today and goes through Sunday with food, music, games and...of course beer!  E and I will be volunteering at one of the beer booths Sat. from ten am -noon.  Stop by!

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