Monday, November 10, 2014

Starting to look a lot like Christmas

Our family tradition has been to turn on all the lights, inside and out, trees and lanai on Thanksgiving evening, we start very early in Nov. to get ready.  The outside lanai lights are up, the swag over the slider to the lanai and the one in our bedroom are done as is our little Christmas Island village.   Here is what we have so far...

I am surprised we have managed to get this much done.  It has been a pretty hectic time for us lately.  We've had one or all 3 of the Grands several times due to teacher work days etc; Leighton had her 3rd. birthday (pics to follow eventually) and we had to make a very hard decision about our beloved cat, Just Jack.  His quality of life had diminished with very little hope so we did the tough but we felt right thing.  His brother, Goofy, looks for him every day and we miss him. 

Our trees come next along with my every growing collection of snow people.  We follow an old German tradition and everyone has their own tree.  We have a large family tree in the great room, E has his "Charley Brown" tree on the lanai, and I have my neon retro tree in my workroom.  Two years ago the Grands got their own tree and it sits on the lanai as well.  The guest room has a small tree too.

I'll post pics soon.  Hope you are getting that holiday spirit.

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LyndaKay said...

Gorgeous swags and setting the lighted village under the Thomas Kinkade picture is lovely.