Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Week

Been a couple of weeks since I posted last, as I was gently reminded by my sister, Janet.  And it has been a busy two weeks filled with grandson visits, sick Leighton visits, teacher workshop grand kid visits and doctor appointments (tis the season). 

Had a great time with the Women Who Do Lunch at the beach retreat organized by our beloved Cynthia and we're working on our Christmas Lunch .  We'll be missing our youngest member, Diane, whom we fondly call Baby D (there are 3 Dianes' in our group).  She is moving to Pennsylvania and we wish her only the best and a safe journey.

I've been busy creating for the two DTs I am on: Art Anthology and Gecko Galz (for links and fun stuff related, check out my altered blog).  And my friends, Janet Miller and Lisa Lowe, have a wonderful new company making the most amazing banners that is keeping them out of the pool halls, so to speak. lol.  You can find them on facebook.

This past weekend was Colvin's turn for a sleep over with Nana and Papa.  We picked him up around ten am Sat. and headed to Dunedin.  He was the only Grand who had not had lunch at Old Bay Cafe on the water.  We shopped a bit first and he helped me pick out a new Mr. Moose for the guest bed room holiday decorations.  Mr. Moose spent the night with Colvin and stood guard over him.  The mushroom and cheese bisque at Old Bay Cafe was its usual hit and we 3 shared a wonderful pulled pork sandwich. 

A nap was called for when we got home and we played Chutes and Ladders while Papa fixed us supper.  After supper we watched  part of The Muppet's Christmas Carol and read 3 books.  The favorite seems to be The Crocodile Who Ate Christmas.

I was awakened at about 5:15 with a little boy at my bedside, hugging me, kissing me on the cheek and telling me he loved me.  He climbed up into our bed and slept for another half hour before wanting to cook breakfast with Papa.

After breakfast and a bike ride up to the park nearby, Papa built a fire in the fire pit with Colvin's help.  He is a good stick gatherer.  I added some color cones for fun and, before we made S'mores, we enjoyed the pretty fire.  Colvin got the same fire safety lecture from Papa and Nana that his brother got.

Several people have asked where we get these color cones...Plow and Hearth.  Just google it and the online site comes up.  We've ordered several pieces for our garden from the company and they are great!

No trip to see Nana and Papa is complete without a visit to Spring Bayou.  This time of year, there are dozens of manatee in the Bayou so we walked and watched for a bit.  And then we visited our Mermaid with our flower offering.  Her arms were already filled with flowers so we placed ours in the shell bowel at her feet.

I'll post the rest of this visit's pictures when I get them off my (new) phone.   Meanwhile, happy Thanksgiving to all.

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