Sunday, December 28, 2014

Another year over...(to loosely quote John Lennon)

and what have we got

1,  fought off some health issues
2.  had some great sleep overs with the Grands...Baby Girl gets to participate next Spring
3.   traded our trip to the British Isles to cavort with our besties, Bill and Jo on a ten day to the Caribbean (sing it Jimmy Buffett)
4.  had another fun Christmas party
5.  spent time with our year round pals and our "snow birdies"
6.  kept in touch with our friends of 25, 30 years and longer back home.
7.  saluted a fallen Tarpon Springs police officer.
8.  celebrated Baby Girl's 3rd b'day and the twins' 4th.  (they all are getting older far too fast for this Nana)
9.  set a goal to walk &/or bike 500 miles this coming year *me*
10. thinking seriously of giving up my Hot Mama Transformer convertible...E is struggling to get in and out of it and I've had my fun for almost  8 years now.  It's time.
 11.  working out tons of details in the writing of a will...much needed for us as we get along in years.

AND PAY ATTENTION HERE:  (E does not read my blog or Facebook)
I want to throw him a surprise 70th. b'day party on Sept 14, 2015.  I want to invite everyone who has known him personally and has/does love(d)him.  If you think you can make this work, I'll try to find accommodations nearby at discount prices.  I want this to be a special time for him...if you even think you can make it, please email me at (he does not ever check this one).  I have 9 mo to make this a very special time for him, the love of my life.

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