Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

and the busiest.  We've been running like crazy people and enjoying every moment of it. 

Last week, in addition to attending my first Tai Chi class, Papa and I took Leighton to her mama's school to see her brothers get awards at the school's award ceremony.  Colvin got an award for Responsibility and Landon for On Task.

Jo and I have been walking almost every morning.  I've taken to posting those daily on Facebook.  If you are in my Friends list, you have seen those.  Our little town goes all out for decorating:  the Sponge docks are festive with a tree and the sponge boats festooned as well.  We have new "old" lights and those and palm trees have been wrapped along with shrubs in lights.  The down town has not one but two trees and lamp lights decorated as well. 

Friday night, we headed to Tarpon Tavern, as is our tradition, and had an early dinner.  We walked a bit waiting for the Grands and their parents to meet us.  This is our town's "Snow Place Like Tarpon Springs" and there truly is not anything like it.  There were vendors of all sorts, snow and a snow slide, two Santas (the kids finally got to visit with the Jolly Old Man) and wonderful entertainers. 

Papa and I had a great time with the Grands and their folks.  We headed home and watched our traditional holiday movie (we actually have a couple), White Christmas and then headed to bed.

Sat. morning I walked into town to Spring Bayou and met Kristen, her friend, Lisa and the three Grands for the yearly Christmas parade.  I think my favorite entry, besides the Santa float, is our town's award winning marching band.  They are simply amazing. 

Last night we hosted our Christmas party to about twenty five or so friends.  It is hard to believe that just seven years ago first arrived from Ft. Myers, we knew only the kids and their friends .  As avid a photographer and recorder of events in our life, I didn't take a single picture of our gathering.  I must have been having a really good  We even had a visit from Tarpon Spring's finest.  Some of our guests had parked on the restricted side of our street and a very sweet police woman very politely asked could we move the cars.  She was a delight and I wish I had gotten her name so I could call and tell the powers that be what a wonderful job she did. 

Today is reclaim the house day and get some ironing done.  I have a luncheon date with Jo and some friends tomorrow plus Tai Chi at 2pm.  Tues., The Women Who Do Lunch bunch are having our Christmas lunch at Bon Appetite in Dunedin.  Wed. we are back on Leighton's Limo service and I have Tai Chi at two again.  It is held at the public library right across from her school so it works out great.  Friday she has a half day and we don't resume her limo service til next year. 

Hoping your holiday are merry and bright!

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Great pics of the kids.