Monday, February 23, 2015

If I were the Pres....

Some one recently posted on Facebook, what would one do if he/she were the President of the U.S. and I thought about it long and hard

And if I were the President, this is what I would do

1.  no child or elderly person would be without food, shelter or medical treatment and care (this is a humanitarian and (for those who keep posting how "Christian" they are, what Christ proclaimed!

2. I would bring our fighting troops home and put them to work (at a higher wage, btw) rebuilding our infrastructures that need refrubishing.

(side bar here: who do we think we are that we can impose our democratic beliefs on nations that have existed eons before ours...let them deal with their problems and let us divert our money to ours)

3.  Pay our educators more than a babysitter and establish boards of teachers who regulate their peers.  Stop letting legislators regulate what they know nothing about.

4.  Workfare, not Welfare...educate and provide a cushion while it is happening.  How can we expect anyone to rise above their standards when we provide money but no training or training but no child care or any of the above.  Want to live in subsidized housing,  sign up for classes to move out!

5.  I would not give money or subsidies or tax breaks to any company that out sources...I would double their taxes and watch how our economy flourishes

6.  I would limit the amount of money that could be spent on any political campaign.  It would be begin at local and, of course (because I am not stupid) accelerate to presidential).   BUT,  for every dollar ANY donation, any expense, any anything went over that amount, no matter who it came from or how it was justified, the candidate had to contribute 2x that amount to education (and no charter schools!)

7.  NO privation of public education...these tax dollars are paid by the residents and, if they don't go to the local schools, but go to privately owned charter schools, the residents loose

8.  If politicians are not doing their jobs, they need to be remanded.
9.  Federal and state senators and reps need to be in the same health plan that they "approve"  for their constituents, and nothing better  (what's good for the goose is good for the gander)

10.  If I want it to be, I'll live it

So, perhaps I should be Queen rather than just the Pres...ya think?

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