Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winter Doldrums

I should not complain as our weather here has been chilly but no SN*W (that is a four letter word, you know!).  It has been hard to get out and walk lately as even the winds and rain have been conniving to keep me from my daily stroll. 

Several other events have assisted in my recent doldrums.  The death of friend who was only a year older than I am was a reminder of how fragile life actually is.  My sister's on going battle with lung cancer which apparently runs in our family as my dad had this as well...and our smoking doesn't help.  (I quit right before I turned 50...thanks to the kick in the butt from my dear friend, Chuck Adams who also is no longer with us).  The Grands have been sick off and on, one or the other or all 3 since right after Christmas and I've seemed to catch a milder dose of whatever they have shared ever so nicely.

I do know that this will pass.  The sun will shine, the winds will die down and I'll be out walking and biking again soon.  Meanwhile, I do have a couple of events to look forward to.  This weekend I am heading to St. Pete's to crop at Whim's with Jacque, Sonia and my pal, Janet M.  Landon has his turn at a sleep over the following weekend and I'll be visiting with Janet on Anna Maria in March. 

I have a ton of pics on my phone of the Grands that I need to upload and share here.  Please be patient...I am a work in progress even at 67.

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