Monday, August 31, 2015

Great way to end the month

with a visit from my son and having the whole family here together.  E is doing good but tends to over do so we are taking today morning walk, no weeding, no cleaning...just relaxing.  That is today...yesterday we did all of the above to excess plus had a great time with the kids.

I picked Rob up in St. Pete around noon on Sat. and, poor guy, he has been cleaning up our tech messes ever since.  The good news is once a part comes in and Chris installs it for us, E can have his big desk top computer back and I get the new lap top we got when we thought the desk top was dead.  My phone no longer tells me I have no memory left and my tablet loads much more quickly...yea, Rob!

Now, on to more fun things...swimming

Playing with Legos with Uncle Rob

After dinner tom foolery

Reading to dolly

And waving hello to our Beach Buddies from Week 29 at Estero Island Beach Club...

Hope your Sept. is a good one and happy last day to the dog days of August!


altar ego said...

Those kids obviously don't know how to have fun at your house! ;) Such joy captured, and I am so glad you have so many opportunities to be a part of the lives of these precious ones. You are building wonderful memories along with building love.

LyndaKay said...

Love the reading to dolly pics and that super cute wave pic of the 3 kids. What a great day you had!