Monday, September 07, 2015

Colvin's turn for a sleep over

Now that Papa is doing a tad bit better, we had Colvin over for his long overdue sleep over at Nana and Papa's house.  He had a few requests and we did our best to honor them.  He also informed us that 2 days also  meant 2 nights and we said...maybe later! lol

We picked up Colvin around ten am on Sat. and headed to the farmers' market in Dunedin, forgetting there isn't one during the summer months. So on to the Sponge Docks did we go.  There was a craft fair (Papa bought 3 for each of the Grands) and we dined at Rusty Bellies.  Colvin loves fried clam strips...wait til his 'shrimp only' Mama finds out!  We watched Casper the Friendly Ghost movie, swam in the pool, had dinner and read read read before we finally went to sleep.

Sunday, Colvin helped Papa fix us breakfast and then he and I took off to the new playground next to the Splash Park here in Tarpon Springs.  He climbed, slide and went swinging til the deer flies drove us away.  I had his little bike in the trunk and he rode the course at the out door gym and then down the Pinellas Trail...his first.

and one of my future biking partners....
He had one request of Papa and that was to finally teach him to fish.  We bought the boys Shakespeare fishing rods and reels (Batman, of course) for Easter last year and Papa was reluctant to let them fly away with hooks etc.  But, today was the day (and Landon will get his turn at his sleep over).  Colvin caught onto the casting and got pretty good.  He is a lefty, which neither of us realized til he started his first fishing lesson.  Papa started with him in the front yard sans hook and continued the lesson in the pool. 

We went swimming, had lunch and watched most of Cars2 (longest kids movie EVER...just sayin') and then a nap on the big bed in the guest room...with a customized "by Nana" tent.  Ice cream and home.  Another wonderful Sleep Over!

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LyndaKay said...

He'll remember these special overnights forever!